Hippokappu Raid was a attack upon the Hayaban settlements and nearby Airfield by Dewhurst-Narculian frigate Raeller .

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DNNV Raeller firing 76mm rounds

Leading up to the attack

Hippokappu Bay was the site of a Hayaban Airfield capable of launching an attack upon the 19th Fleet .Raeller was sent into the bay to demolish the Airfield and remove the threat. Preceeding that, two Seehund class submarine moved into the Sea of Okhotsk and shifted into the east seaboard of Iturup.

Moment of Attack

Raeller commenced firing at roughly 9:05 using the darkness and foggy conditions to hide its postion as it fired 230 76mm rounds and well over 1200 38mm rounds destroying the airfield and most of the settlement. Kurilsk was attacked at the same time with torpedoes and cruise missiles which damaged the port facilities of the town and some of the local fishing fleet.


23 were killed in the attacks, all Hayaban citizens. The attack was a success for Dewhurst-Narculian forces but was only a small tactical victory which isolated Iturup from Hayaban amphibious forces and removed it from Air Force usage however a paratrooper detachment landed at Kurilsk.