The Hayaban Military is a army which is above average with 5,340,435 soldiers, 3250 BMP-2 IFVs,2210 T-90 Tanks,100 Type 99 Tanks,10 Type 99KM,315 VM-1s, 630 AB-1 Light Tanks,140 AIV DF90,149 HR-125B Tank Destroyers,40 HR-150 Tank Destroyers,1,100 Mig-29s,600 TU-95 Bombers,250 TU-160 Bombers,400 Hind Helicopters,1 Admiral Kuznetov Aircraft Carrier,2 Stalingrad Battlecruisers,1 Sverdlov Cruiser,4 Slava Cruisers,8 Udaloy-II Destroyers,19 Admiral Gorshov Frigates,21 Sterugshiny Corvettes,4 Visby Corvettes,8 Qahir Corvettes,1 Akula Nuclear Submarines,15 Kilo Submarines,18 Foxtrot Submarines,and 99 Nuclear weapons.The Hayaban Military is Above Average,with a massive Surface fleet and Submarine fleet,the Navy can engage the Hayanban Nation.The Hayaban Army has began the use of Type 99s to replace the T-90 because of the fact they are not capable on taking on the Black Gulo and the Air force has began enlarging it's Arsenal

Naval Building
Class Type


Alexander Bradley Class

Hayaban Victory class CA 5-8?
? ? 30