Colonel-General Tatiana Petrova is the Commander of the South Kuriles Command,she was one of the best military commanders of the First Republic,she led the 4th Armor Regiment in the Invasion of Deimoss,and she was one of the Second Republic's best,Using the 1st Armor Division,she was the Spearhead of the Hamghung battle.She used her troops to kill/arrest thugs who murdered civilians under Yota's orders.And she was in the Huangdiist Conflict,sending the Huangdiist Army in to Disarray in the Greatest Tank Battles of the War.She was assinged to the South Kuriles command after her promotion to Colonel-General.Her plan was competent.She tried to restrain Major General Anderson's bloodlust because he's angry as his sister was killed by the Dewhurstian-Narculian Military.