The Bombing of Wakkanai was the Spark that triggered the Okhotsk Conflict,it was an act of infamy.The Attack was the first act of the Okhotsk Conflict.It made the war inevitable

Attack on Wakkanai
23rd of March 2012
Hiroshima 07

Picture of third atomic bomb devastating Wakkanai, taken from cockpit of a Hayanban fighter pilot

Date March 23, 2012
Location Wakkanai, nothern Hayanba
Result Hayaban tactical victory
  • Hayanba loses North-West fleet base
  • Dewhurst-Narculis officially enters war
Republic of Hayanba Third Republic of Hayaba
Commanders and leaders

General Akareshi

Major General Zhana Smirnova

12,000 men Numerous SAM/AA sites
31 FACs 120 Fighters

330 Bombers

70 Fighters

Casualties and losses

164 men killed

~300 wounded

18 FAC's sunk

44 Fighters destroyed

Destruction of 60

% of Wakkanai

179 bombers destroyed

32 Fighters destroyed

~350 men killed

Civilian casualties:

15520 killed
~10000 wounded


The Nations of Hayaba and Hayanba had been age-old enemies since their first days.The Okhotsk Cold War was the calm before the Storm.The Sinking of the HNS Alexander Bradley by the Dewhurstian-Narculian navy made war inevitable.The Hayaban Military had been planning for the attack for 4 months.It involved waves of Bombers and 3 low-yield nuclear weapons.


The Attack was led by Major General Zhana Smirnova a Veteran of the Lebourne War and the Huangdiist Conflict.The Bombers were a mixture of TU-95 and TU-160s.The Force lost 30% of it's planes over the La Perouse Strait.But the Survivors were very determined to bomb Wakkanai of the Face of the Earth.So the Bombers began their Strike.The SAM and AA Sites destroyed as many bombers as they could.But almost half of them were steered by their crews to cause fireballs which devastated Wakkanai.Yet the worse was still to come.15 minutes after the first Bombs fell,3 nuclears bombs were dropped,1 Airburst,and 2 impact nuclear bombs were detonated around 4 kilotons.At the end 15,000 died.


The War was now inevitable.Both sides have declared war on Each other.But the Hayaban Government declared the operation a success